By CommenceCRM

CRM Boom or Bust?

Businesses have had different experiences with CRM software. Some have done rather well and realized a significant improvement in how they manage customer relationships while others have struggled and say that CRM has just not worked for them.  Those that have had a good experience indicate that they have used CRM to automate the internal business processes that impact how they market, sell, and provide service to their customers and their effort has resulted in a positive impact on business performance. So why have some companies done very well with CRM software programs while others have not?  Could it be as simple as making sure you select the right CRM product?  Let’s dig a bit deeper and find out.

CRM software programs enable you to streamline your internal business processes, but you need to have those processes defined and in place. If you don’t, there is nothing to automate.   This is a critical component for the successful implementation, usage and return on your investment with CRM software.

One of the main reasons to implement CRM software is that is enables the ability to capture, track and manage leads so that they don’t fall through the cracks, and manage the sales cycle from the initial introduction to closure.  These critical business processes are often loosely defined in many businesses and as a result, regardless of which CRM solution they select it fails to get properly implemented and used.   This is because defining and implementing how you manage the sales cycle is not a technology or feature/function issue. It’s a human resource issue.  Addressing this requires an experienced sales executive to help you define these processes so that they can be automated within the CRM software.

The CRM Challenge

Most CRM solution providers today are in a feature/function war trying to convince potential customers that they offer more capability than their competitors. Commence Corporation has taken a different approach here. Your success has little to do with which CRM product has the most features, but instead which company can provide the expertise to guide you with defining and implementing the internal processes you need to improve sales execution.  Commence has differentiated themselves by coupling their CRM software with experienced sales, marketing and service personnel that ensure these processes get defined, tested, and automated resulting in a substantial impact to your business performance. Below is an example of how Commence CRM helps you to manage each step of the sales cycle from lead qualification to closure.

Sales Opportunity Stages

Here the sales cycle process has been defined and implemented as Stages of the opportunity.  The Commence Reporting engine provides a snapshot of where every deal is in the sales process. This enables management to take a proactive approach in helping to move each opportunity through the process to closure.

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