By CommenceCRM

Commence – Not a Cookie-Cutter CRM Solution


You’ve heard it before. CRM is CRM is CRM. Most people believe that the myriad of CRM solutions in the market today are all pretty much the same, and they are right. How then did a company like Salesforce.com become an industry leader in a commodity market? Well, they were one of the first to market so that helped. But they also provided an array of functional requirements that the other solutions providers did not. This included a platform that could support hundreds, even thousands of users; multi-language and multi-currency support; and the flexibility, albeit quite costly, to support vertical industry requirements. Most of the companies early on, with perhaps the exception of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, could not address these requirements and as a result Salesforce became the go-to vendor for enterprise level corporations.

The story is quite different in the small to mid-size business sector or SMBs. Here you will find small businesses that are simply looking to manage customer profiles and activities, keep notes, manage leads and in some cases generate a monthly sales forecast. The mid-size firms often have additional requirements such as: creating marketing campaigns, automating customer service with ticket management, and managing projects. Salesforce, while a capable solution for this level of functionality, was found by consumers to be too difficult to implement, too cumbersome to use, and after all was said and done too expensive for these businesses causing them to seek other alternatives.

While there are several hundred CRM solution providers competing in this business sector, one company continues to be recognized for the quality of their product and the services they provide to customers. That company is Commence Corporation, manufacturers of Commence CRM. Commence seems to have taken a page out of the Salesforce playbook by focusing on mid-tier companies that need more functionality and services than is provided by the myriad of basic low cost cookie-cutter solutions.

Commence CRM is scalable, customizable without programmer intervention and offers a comprehensive suite of modular applications that are affordable and easy to use. Commence CRM is simply a step up from the majority of CRM solutions in the SMB sector. In addition to the basic account and contact management, calendaring, activity management and sales pipeline management, the product offers a marketing campaign management solution, a help desk with ticketing, a knowledgebase and FAQ, a customer portal and a fully integrated project management application. The majority of companies serving the SMB space simply do not provide this level of functionality. If you need this you can always call on Salesforce or team up with the ideal partner; Commence CRM.

For more information or a free trial of the product, contact Commence Sales at 1-877-266-6362.