By CommenceCRM

Lead Tracking for Insurance Brokers

Commence Corporation, a leading provider of CRM software for small to mid-size businesses has introduced a lead tracking system to help insurance brokers qualify the leads they get each and every day. “We get a large number of inquiries every week,” says Stewart Cymbol an independent insurance broker, “but only a small percentage of them are highly qualified. The problem is that we have to spend valuable time following up with each one to make that determination.”

“Commence CRM has introduced a lead qualification and ranking system that automatically rates and color codes each lead based on a set of pre-determined questions built into the CRM system. This enables us to become laser focused on the most promising new business opportunities” says Cymbol. “The unqualified ones are placed in an automatic drip marketing program that sends e-mails on a pre-scheduled basis ensuring that our products and services are consistently in front of the prospect. It’s made a substantial difference for our business.”

The program is extremely easy to set up and use. You first identify the questions that need to be answered, each with drop down selections. Once answered the system automatically color codes each lead based on the responses. Red indicates highly qualified, yellow mildly qualified and blue unqualified.

Lead Questions (sample)

  1. Type of Insurance?
  2. Current Insurance Provider?
  3. Renewal Date?
  4. Annual Rate?
  5. Adding Coverage or Changing?
  6. Decision Timeframe?
Lead Ranking based on 5-Star Rating (sample)

Lead Qualification (sample)

The program also captures when the lead originated and when it was last followed up on. Key performance indicators provide statistics on the number of lead by week, month or quarter and where the leads were generated from such as e-mail campaigns or referrals. Ease of use and affordability have made Commence CRM a popular tool for insurance professionals. The company offers a free trial via the following link. https://commencefrodev.wpengine.com/commence-crm-for-insurance-agencies/