By CommenceCRM

Commence – Best CRM for Insurance Agents

Insurance agents have to deal with a ton of customer data, constantly updating customer records as well as keeping track of leads and new business opportunities. To do this efficiently they need one central database that enables them to capture, track, manage and share this information within their agency. Commence Corporation, manufacturers of Commence CRM, has provided just that. Designed by Insurance Agents for Insurance Agents Commence CRM offers a next generation product that provides functionality that is simply not offered from generic cookie-cutter CRM solutions. Commence offers agents a dashboard of information that includes; activities for the day, overdue activities, new leads, a sales pipeline and a myriad of reports that display business performance. In addition, the system captures and displays a 360 degree profile of customer data such as; policies, policy numbers, coverages, renewal dates and more. A built-in marketing campaign module provides each agent with the ability to create and send bulk emails to prospects and customers on a periodic schedule. Commence CRM also offers mobile access, anytime, anywhere and from any device. Account specialists are assigned to each customer thereby ensuring that they realize the maximum value for the product.

Starting at just $19 a user per month it’s virtually impossible to match this combination of features, functions and service at this price point. For more information contact Commence Sales at 877-266-6362 and ask for a free trial.

CRM Dashboard - Insurance Industry