Month: February 2021

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What is CRM Retargeting and How Does It Help Your Business?

By CommenceCRM / February 28, 2021

CRM retargeting is one of the best marketing strategies to help businesses grow and develop. It provides existing and potential customers with more relevant digital data using first-party platforms that are stored in your CRM, POS, and other systems. So how does CRM retargeting help your business in the long run? It’s simple: CRM retargeting has more benefits than traditional…

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The Challenge of Choosing CRM Software for Your Business

By CommenceCRM / February 26, 2021

Selecting the right CRM software for your business can be a daunting exercise. Those who begin the process quickly realize that there are a myriad of solutions to choose from, and they all appear to be the same often differentiated only by price. While it is fair to say that CRM has become a commodity market, the available solutions seem…

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Defining Target Markets to Improve Your Business

By CommenceCRM / February 21, 2021

No matter what business you run, defining target markets is essential for its growth and improvement. A target market is a group of consumers to which a brand directs their products and services. Defining target markets has several benefits for businesses like establishing better relationships with customers and avoiding inefficiencies.  So, what are some of the ways to effectively find…

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5 Requirements for Effective Segmentation

By CommenceCRM / February 18, 2021

Market segmentation is a marketing technique that almost all companies practice. The process provides marketing strategists with data for a better understanding of their market, allowing them to create more personalized and profitable strategies. This practice is important for companies because it minimizes the amount of time, money, and effort marketing strategists put in certain campaigns.   So, what are the…

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What are the Advantages of Customer Profiling?

By CommenceCRM / February 14, 2021

Customer profiling is a strategy that looks into the characteristics of existing and potential customers to create tailored advertisements. It aims to know more about a certain target audience and evaluate the similarities and differences among them. There are many benefits of this strategy that all help businesses grow and develop in the long run, like increasing profit and engaging…

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Think Outside the Box When Selecting a CRM Solution

By CommenceCRM / February 12, 2021

Are you struggling to differentiate one CRM solution from the myriad of others? Of course you are and here is why. For the most part the majority of CRM systems targeted at small to mid-size businesses are all the same, differentiated primarily by price. These systems are generically designed to capture, track, manage and share information. But let’s face it,…

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Sales Manager Question and Answer – Collections

By Dave Kahle / February 5, 2021

Q. We’re faced with many of our customers being very slow about paying their bills. What would you suggest? A. This is one of those times where the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” is very appropriate. Have face-to-face conversations with your slow-pay customers and require your salespeople to do the same. At those meetings, lay out the issue…

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