By CommenceCRM

The Challenge of Choosing CRM Software for Your Business


Selecting the right CRM software for your business can be a daunting exercise. Those who begin the process quickly realize that there are a myriad of solutions to choose from, and they all appear to be the same often differentiated only by price. While it is fair to say that CRM has become a commodity market, the available solutions seem to all fit into just two categories:

• Overly priced products that are too hard to use, or

• Low cost ones that are so basic that they don’t provide much value

Furthermore, the over-priced hard-to-use solutions also come with expensive onboarding, training and customization costs, while the basic cookie-cutter solutions hardly offer any services at all.

What Makes Commence CRM Different?

Commence Corporation, manufacturers of Commence CRM, is filling this gap with a unique product offering that is specifically targeted at companies that require more functionality and support services than the basic low-cost solutions can provide, but without the cost and complexity associated with higher end offerings.

“What differentiates Commence CRM from our competitors is twofold,” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence. “We offer a comprehensive set of functionality that rivals enterprise players costing much more.” In addition to traditional account management, lead management and sales automation, offered by even the basic low-cost providers, Commence offers marketing campaign management, document management, project management and an array of customer service features that include ticket management, a knowledgebase, an FAQ and an internet-based customer portal.

“Our functionality is head and shoulders above competitively priced products,” continued Caretsky “but it’s not just features and functions that make us unique.”

Businesses need to appreciate that CRM is resource intensive. In order to get the maximum value from any solution you need experienced sales, marketing and customer service professionals on board to streamline the automation of the company’s internal business processes, but not every small to mid-size business has this level of expertise on board.

“This is where Commence really shines. We have a staff of senior level professionals that play a vital role in every installation and assist with things such as; the implementation of the proper sales structure, marketing enablement, which includes the creation of marketing templates and collateral for the sales staff, and management reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure the impact the software is having on the performance of the business. No basic low-cost CRM solution provider offers this. While the industry giants do, small to mid-size businesses cannot afford this level of service from them. Commence CRM is the solution to this challenge. Our comprehensive software coupled with sales, marketing and service expertise is what separates Commence CRM from the pack. Our message and positioning are working” says Caretsky. “We are getting recognition from the press and our customers are rewarding us with excellent reviews and testimonials. Customers trust Commence to deliver a solution that immediately impacts the performance of their business and provides the return on investment they anticipated upon implementation of our system.”