Month: October 2017

The Role of Adversity in Shaping a Sales Person’s Character

By Dave Kahle / October 31, 2017

Practical suggestions to help you deal with your adversity.

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Being on the phone all day or most of the day is robbing you of productive work time.

Put the Phone Down

By CommenceCRM / October 27, 2017

Unless your job is to make one call after another, then being on the phone all day or most of the day is robbing you of productive work time.

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The Honeymoon is Over

Commence CRM a Solid Alternative to Salesforce

By CommenceCRM / October 23, 2017

It’s renewal time and you have learned that your staff is not in love with and barely use it. Now what?

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Lead Management

Commence CRM Automation for Nurturing Leads

By CommenceCRM / October 17, 2017

A lead not ready to purchase today doesn’t mean they will not purchase tomorrow. Keep your product and your company in front of them with Drip Marketing.

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CRM Buyers Guide: What to Expect from Free and Low-Cost CRM

Use Price to Differentiate CRM Solutions

By CommenceCRM / October 13, 2017

Free and low-cost CRM solutions come with limitations. The key is identifying what you may or may not be getting for the price you are willing to pay.

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Sandler Sales Tip: Be a stand-up person and get things done. |

Meet Them Standing Up

By CommenceCRM / October 10, 2017

The largest time wasters in any business are those drop-in visits. If you want to recapture this time for business purposes, consider having stand up meetings.

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Best CRM 2017 List Swings & Misses

Best CRM 2017 List Lacks Credibility

By CommenceCRM / October 6, 2017

The article in seems to recommend that if you are a small business the best solution for you is a free one with limitations. Come on man!

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All work and no play is bad for business. Change your attitude.

Nurture Helpful Relationships

By Dave Kahle / October 2, 2017

Creating relationships that result in people gladly working to assist you can be one of your most powerful time management strategies.

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