By Dave Kahle

Nurture Helpful Relationships

By Dave Kahle

Early into one of my sales positions, my boss informed me that the operations manager was upset with me.  I was too focused and task-oriented in my dealing with the company’s internal personnel who made things happen in the business.  I’d come into the office, drop projects and requests on everyone’s desk, and head out again.

My task-oriented behavior was upsetting people.  As a result, they were balking at cooperating with me.  My projects were being left on the bottom of the pile, and other sales people were getting more cooperation.

I had better change my attitude, he told me, or I’d find it very difficult to succeed in this organization.

My lack of good relationships with the people who could make things happen for me was hurting my performance.  Eventually, I came around to understand that.  I swallowed my pride, bought each one a six-pack of premium beer, apologized, and started focusing on building positive relationships with everyone inside the company.

That was a turning point for me.  From that point on, I could accomplish far more because I had gained the willing assistance of a number of people.  In so doing, I stumbled onto a powerful time management principle:

Creating relationships that result in people gladly working to assist you can be one of your most powerful time management strategies.

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The Ninth Time Management Secret: Nurture Helpful Relationships

Excerpted from “11 Secrets of Time Management for Sales People“, Career Press

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