Month: July 2017

That gym membership you never used... How is that working for you?

3 Steps to Ensure Your Success with CRM Software

By CommenceCRM / July 31, 2017

There are some basic reasons why some companies have succeeded with CRM while others have failed. Let’s take a look at what these companies have done.

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Sales Strategy: Lowering Risk. Increase sales without lowering price

How can I sell when I’m not the lowest price?

By Dave Kahle / July 28, 2017

The biggest issue in the minds of your customers and prospects is not price, and it’s not value – it is risk. Here are four strategies to lower the risk.

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Indecision: Postponing a decision because you are still considering all of the information.

Keep Thinking. It Will Go Away.

By CommenceCRM / July 24, 2017

Postponing a decision because you are still considering all of the information can reach the point where the need for the decision ceases to exist.

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Commence CRM Stands Out from the Crowd

Commence CRM Stands Out Among a Crowded Field

By CommenceCRM / July 20, 2017

Commence CRM has differentiated itself with a comprehensive solution for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service Ticketing, and Project Management.

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They're not me, they don't share my attitude, motivation, abilities... but, we are a TEAM.

How do I prevent my co-workers from sabotaging my sales?

By Dave Kahle / July 17, 2017

First, examine yourself. Are you creating standards that are just not attainable, and then judging your colleagues on the basis of those standards?

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Commence Shines among Affordable CRM Solutions

Commence Shines among Affordable CRM Solutions

By CommenceCRM / July 10, 2017

CRM software is considered a commodity today and for good reason.  There are several hundred vendors, all claiming to be the easiest to use lowest cost solution for improving internal business processes.  While many are inexpensive and easy to use, these products are all pretty much the same.  They offer basic contact management and sales forecasts, but very little in…

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Digging the Ditch is not the Hard Work

Hard Work Isn’t Digging a Ditch

By CommenceCRM / July 5, 2017

There is nothing wrong with “hard work.” But if you don’t know where to start and where you are going to end, then all the work you do is pointless.

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