By CommenceCRM

Commence CRM Stands Out Among a Crowded Field

I am not sure there is a more competitive sector of the computer software industry than CRM.  It’s certainly a buyer’s market with several hundred product offerings ranging from free to a few hundred dollars per user per month. It’s also become a changing landscape where many solution providers who have been unable to find a way to profitably market, sell and service potential customers now offer their product for free over the internet.  For small business this is great news. Because they have limited requirements most of these free or low cost products are simply good enough for what they wish to use them for which is primarily maintain a database of companies, contacts, notes and activities.

Mid-size organizations however that want to use CRM software to improve how they market, sell and provide service to their customers are not as fortunate.  CRM solutions that provide this level of functionality have traditionally been expensive and hard to use, leaving them with few if any alternatives.

One company however has broken the barrier here and has targeted mid-size companies with a solution that’s functionally rich, affordable and easy to use. That company is Commence, manufacturers of Commence CRM.

Commence CRM has differentiated itself via the introduction of a comprehensive solution for Sales, Marketing and a Customer Service Ticketing system that also includes a Knowledgebase, FAQ and a Customer Portal.  In addition, Commence CRM is one of the few solutions that offers an integrated Project Management system with a Gantt Chart for managing projects from start to closure.  Commence is an all in one solution with a level of functionality has only been available from enterprise level products costing much, much more.  The product however is modular is design which allows customers to select only those applications they need today, while proving them with a growth path for tomorrow.

Commence CRM is targeted at companies of 10 to 100 users and has been highly rated by industry analysts. To learn more about Commence CRM visit commenceaug202.wpengine.com.