By CommenceCRM

Commence Shines among Affordable CRM Solutions

CRM software is considered a commodity today and for good reason.  There are several hundred vendors, all claiming to be the easiest to use lowest cost solution for improving internal business processes.  While many are inexpensive and easy to use, these products are all pretty much the same.  They offer basic contact management and sales forecasts, but very little in the way of customization or support services.  This is of course by design as the vendors that offer these products cannot afford to provide advanced functionality, telephone support or consultation for software that is often free or just a few dollars a month.  However, if you are a small business of just a few employees, a free or low cost solution that offers the basics may be perfectly fine for you.

One company that has been able to differentiate itself among the myriad of options is Commence, makers of Commence CRM.  Commence CRM has found a way to straddle the fence between basic low cost CRM programs and higher priced solutions that offer too much functionality and a much higher cost.  While Commence CRM offers a robust set of applications and features that rival those of higher-end products, what customers find most appealing about Commence is the ability to customize it without programmer intervention.  This combination of comprehensive functionality coupled with the product’s flexibility has made Commence CRM an excellent choice and one that now stands out from the competition.

Commence has been providing Customer Management Software solutions to small and mid-size businesses for more than two decades.  “We started out as a basic contact management and sales automation tool” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation, “but over the years our product really matured.  As the business and customer base continued to grow, we discovered that small to mid-size businesses have unique requirements too, so we worked with our customers to incorporate a level of flexibility that addressed their needs.  In addition to expanding our application suite to include marketing, project management and customer service capabilities, we added features that are traditionally only found in higher-end products.”

Some of the flexible, user-friendly custom features include:

  • advanced data security that limits what data people can access
  • custom views of data
  • saved searches and advanced search features
  • ad hoc and graphical reporting
  • and different custom field types

These are several of the areas where Commence CRM stands out in this highly competitive market.  To learn more about Commence CRM visit the company web site at commence.com.