Month: May 2017

When you ask a question, you direct the customer's thinking, interrupt his train of thought... Dave Kahle

How do you handle a customer who talks all the time?

By CommenceCRM / May 23, 2017

To stop or change the conversation, you have to interrupt or redirect the thoughts. And, the most powerful tool to do that is a good question.

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Ever heard the saying 'People buy with their eyes?'

Free Trials of CRM Software Can Be Practically Worthless

By CommenceCRM / May 19, 2017

All the free trials in the world will not get you closer to making the right decision. Instead, force management to define what they want the CRM system to do.

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Is 2017 the time to upgrade to an affordable project management software?

By CommenceCRM / May 17, 2017

A wise man once said, “nothing worth having is free”.  That’s as true of project management software as it is of anything else. Maybe your business is small, or medium-sized.  Maybe you think that what worked for you as a boiler room operation will take you into a future of growth, with no discernable consequences. But if your business is…

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Keep your project going smoothly, with integrated project management

By CommenceCRM / May 8, 2017

Commence CRM’s integrated project management brings your team together and enables project managers to practice efficient planning and management of resources.

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Sandler Sales Training Tip

Rewriting the sales script

By CommenceCRM / May 5, 2017

Why do many salespeople bail out when a prospect says that the sale is not going to happen? By changing the script, you could turn a “no” into a “Let’s work on it.”

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True Love: Peanut Butter and Jelly!

Why you should keep your CRM and project management software together

By CommenceCRM / May 4, 2017

A very compelling reason why you should keep your CRM and project management software together is ROI. And there’s no company that doesn’t like a better ROI.

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Sandler Sales Cold Calling Tip: Get Prospects to Call Back

How to entice prospects to call back

By Dave Kahle / May 2, 2017

When cold calling phone prospects, over 60 percent of my calls are answered by voice mail. Any hints on how to entice prospects to call back?

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