By CommenceCRM

Is 2017 the time to upgrade to an affordable project management software?

A wise man once said, “nothing worth having is free”.  That’s as true of project management software as it is of anything else.

Maybe your business is small, or medium-sized.  Maybe you think that what worked for you as a boiler room operation will take you into a future of growth, with no discernable consequences.

But if your business is using free, open source project management software I can guarantee, without reservation, that if growth if your objective you’ll need more project management muscle.  The good news is that it’s affordable.

So, is 2017 the time to upgrade to an affordable project management software?  Here’s what we think.

Staying on the rails.

Free software for project management is like rolling the dice.  While you may be comfortable with its performance as a smaller operation, if you’re growing, then you’ll need the enhanced functionality of an affordable solution.

When calendars aren’t adequately coordinated, all manner of disaster is lurking.  Can you afford to roll the dice when customer satisfaction is at stake?

Not if you really want to grow.  Staying on the rails and keeping your teams on the same project management page is crucial to your business’s success.  As your customer base grows, this factor becomes increasingly important.

The ducks don’t keep themselves in a row.

Trying it on for size.

At Commence, we know it’s tough to let go of the belief that free project management software is the answer.  But as your business grows, so do its needs.  To stay nimble and ready to take on increased customer demand, you need to commensurately pony up for what you need to achieve that.

That’s why we’re here to convince you and to do that, we offer you the chance to test drive our software.  We know that what we’re offering you is solid, reliable and affordable.  Why wouldn’t we want you to experience it for yourself?

Swallow your pride.

Who doesn’t love a freebie?  Who doesn’t love to tell anyone who will listen that they got something free of charge that’s “just great”?  But there comes a time when reality knocks.  That’s when you swallow your pride and admit that the free option isn’t serving your organizational needs anymore – that it’s beginning to drag you down, because your requirements have grown.

It’s OK, because admitting that you need an upgrade isn’t an admission of defeat.  It’s a win!  You get project management that keeps your team on top of timelines, deliverables and resources and that keeps your customers coming back.   They know you can rely on you, when you’re giving them what they need, because your affordable project management software is giving you what you need.

It’s time.

Breaking up is hard to do, but when you take an objective look at your needs, sometimes you realize that breaking up opens the door to a healthier relationship.  That’s why Commence encourages you to test drive our affordable project management software.

Commence is here to help you get things done, right on time.