By CommenceCRM

Keep your project going smoothly, with integrated project management

Recently, we’ve discussed why you should keep your CRM and project management software together.  In this post, we’ll discuss the advantages of integrated project management.

In simple terms, project management is the art of keeping your ducks in a row.  All project personnel need to be closely adhered to the objectives of the project and that means access.  When CRM and project management exist in silos, communications can to break down.  That costs valuable time, team discord and customer dissatisfaction.  At Commence, we know there’s a better way and that is integrated project management.


The centralization of all functions of the project are served when management of tasks and deliverables is centralized.  All staff having access to a centralized system means communications are streamlined.  With one overarching framework, culture is served.  Disparate streams of thought about how projects are to be managed are brought together in common purpose.

Total collaboration from all stakeholders brings clarity to projects.  Problems can be seen at their germination and corrected in a timely manner with all eyes on the same ball.

Streamlined reporting.

With integrated project management, the need for reports to address the nuts and bolts of projects is brought under one rubric.  This reduces the human resources drain caused by multiple reports which tend to overlap.

Centralization of the reporting function precludes the need for superfluous reporting, providing all players with the same information, in the same format, covering the same key aspects of the project.  Commence provides pre-built, customizable reporting that precludes resource drain and keeps projects on track.

Resource allocation.

A particularly attractive aspect of integrated project management is the ability to coordinate calendars and schedules.  This allows for nimble allocation of resources and helps to ensure needed project capacity.

Continual evaluation of project need is another way integrated project management helps with resource allocation.  Tasks, timesheets and deployment of resources is governed by up-to-date information about the cost and scope of the project.  Changing needs can be rapidly identified, serving optimal use of resources.

Rapid response.

A key advantage of integrated project management is transparency.  When all personnel are on the same page, with access to the same information, issues are more readily visible.  That means organizations can respond rapidly and resolve potential hitches.

In summation.

Integrated project management that brings your team together enables project managers to practice efficient planning and management of resources.  Project timetables are integrated, allowing close collaboration between project functions in your organization’s various departments.

Centralization of project functions allows for streamlined reporting, clearly defining resource requirements and allowing project managers to respond through re-deployment.  Issues are diffused throughout the system, so that all personnel have a bird’s eye view of status, allowing for rapid response.

Commence CRM optimizes project execution by bringing integrated project management that defines objectives and deliverables.  By uniting your teams in common purpose, we keep your project going smoothly with integrated project management that allows timely completion and adherence to your budget.

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