By CommenceCRM

Commence Making a Difference for Small to Mid-Size Companies

Looking for that perfect CRM solution that offers more functionality than traditional out-of-the-box products, but without the cost and complexity of enterprise-level solutions?

Commence CRM is that solution.

For more than two decades, Commence Corporation has been providing powerful flexible business software to small and mid-size companies. Commence CRM is that middle market product that extends  the traditional contact management, sales, and marketing functionality offered by a 100 different CRM solutions providers with a customer service ticketing system, an internet based customer portal, integration of your web site with Commence CRM and a project management application. In addition to this enhanced functionality that is traditionally only found in high level products costing much more, Commence CRM incorporates a higher degree of customizability, workflow processes and data security than found in comparatively priced products. It is this second level of functionality and support that many customers do not realize they need until they discover it’s not available in the solution they had selected.

There is no need to worry however because we have become experts in migrating data from other CRM systems and we can get you operational with a better solution in no time.

See commence.com to learn more. Ask for a free trial or speak with one our product experts. You will be glad you did.