By CommenceCRM

Don’t Be a Bargain Hunter When Selecting CRM Software

The CRM sector is chock full of free and low cost solutions. Other than acting as an automated Rolodex these provide little value to your business. I suspect there are some who would argue this point, but these would be small businesses that do not fully appreciate what CRM is all about – streamlining internal business processes; automating workflow; and improving how you market, sell and provide service to your customers.  Free and low cost CRM solutions simply do not offer this. If they did they wouldn’t be free.

A recent blog article represents this quite well by asking the simple question – are you price sensitive or value sensitive? If you are looking to select CRM software it’s worth reading this article.

The message is clear. In today’s highly competitive CRM software sector the difference between a free or low cost solution that provides little value and one that can help you to improve marketing and lead generation, sales execution and deliver best in class customer service is just a few dollars more per month. In the software industry you get what you pay for. It’s OK to be price sensitive. Just do not be a bargain hunter.