By CommenceCRM

Make a Smart CRM Decision

Every day our sales organization answers the same question from people looking to select CRM software. “How are you different from all the other CRM software providers?” It’s a fair question in a highly competitive market where CRM is looked at as a commodity. What they are hoping for is that we will “wow” them with a rousing feature or two that the other guys do not have or that we will be less expensive, but this mentality of selecting CRM software based on features, cosmetic appearance and price is wreaking havoc among the small to mid-size business community. Here is why.

CRM software is not simply an appliance that you plug in the wall that magically improves your marketing and delivers more sales. It requires much more than this. CRM is just a tool. It doesn’t run your business, people do. Chances are if you are a small to mid-size business, hiring experienced people that can embrace CRM and use it to improve your business performance is a challenge.

Did you know that 73% of small to mid-size businesses that implement a CRM solution fail to realize any measurable results? They could argue that the CRM software they selected was too hard to use and did not work as advertised. Or they can come to the realization that like many other small to mid-size businesses they simply do not have the internal processes in place or the resources to create powerful marketing campaigns, implement a structured sales process, or provide best in class customer service. Here is the really bad part. The majority of CRM solution providers that sell to small and mid-size businesses cannot help you, because they do not have the resources either! So you are left with a piece of software that is not properly implemented, is barely utilized, and if you need customer service well send an e-mail. Welcome to the 73% percent club.

This is what separates Commence CRM from the myriad of low cost CRM solution providers that offer little more than a basic one-size-fits-all piece of software. Their systems are not flexible enough to meet unique business requirements; Commence CRM is. They do not offer best practices or professional services with personalized training, mentoring, and assistance to ensure that you get the maximum value from their solution. We do and that is why our customers are successful while others fail.

At Commence, we don’t just sell CRM software. We are your business partner. For more than two decades we have helped customers improve how they market, sell, and provide service to their customers. Combining our top rated software with  experienced staff and a set of best practices ensures the successful implementation and use of our CRM software. This is our success formula and why we are different from other CRM solution providers.

Come talk with us and experience the difference. Learn more at commence.com.