Month: March 2016

Characteristics of a Successful Professional: Taking Risks

By CommenceCRM / March 28, 2016

What sets the exceptional sales professional apart from the average? Here’s one: The propensity to take risks.

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Data access rights, privacy and security permissions control

Three Things CRM Solution Providers Don’t Tell You

By CommenceCRM / March 24, 2016

Three questions that are rarely asked by businesses looking for a CRM solution, and rarely volunteered by the vendors that serve the small business community.

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Prospect seems interested but never gets back to you...

Sales Q&A #45 – Giving Quotes

By CommenceCRM / March 15, 2016

“How do I get the prospect to give me an answer when I provide a quote?” – a sales question and answer by Dave Kahle.

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Best Practice #46 – Plans for 4 aspects of every sales call

By CommenceCRM / March 11, 2016

Each sales call is an opportunity to accomplish these four objectives, and to accomplish each as deeply as possible.

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Recommendations for CRM Software 2016

By CommenceCRM / March 4, 2016

List of Popular CRM Solution Providers. If you have higher-level business objectives take a look at the recommended products highlighted in this list.

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