By CommenceCRM

Don’t Spend Your Lunch Money on Salesforce.com

Image by Gregory Bourolias | Unsplash

Sound familiar? It should. This is the advertising campaign Salesforce.com used to repeatedly attack high-priced CRM solutions like Siebel Systems several years ago. Today strangely enough, Salesforce.com has replaced Siebel as the high-priced program. Now they are under attack from several high quality CRM solutions that are feature rich yet much more affordable than salesforce.com.

One of these solutions is Commence CRM from Commence Corporation. While not yet a household name in the CRM space, Commence was recently included in a Forbes report of great CRMs you probably never heard of. The company has actually been in the CRM sector for several years, and is gaining popularity for the quality of the product they offer coupled with very friendly customer service – something Salesforce.com is not known for.

Commence CRM is targeted at companies that need more functionality and flexibility than that offered by lower cost CRM solutions, but not the high cost and cumbersome nature of enterprise level solutions. In addition to contact and account management, sales, and lead management, Commence CRM offers a marketing application, a customer service or help desk solution, a document library, a web-based customer portal and a fully integrated project management application.  The product is modular in design so customers can select only the applications they require for their business. Full integration is provided with MS Outlook, and mobile is included with each product edition.  Simply stated, Commence CRM is a comprehensive solution at an attractive price.

If you are looking for a high quality, feature rich CRM solution that is affordable, easy to use and offers best in class customer service, take a look at Commence CRM before spending your lunch money with Salesforce.com.  For more information visit commenceaug202.wpengine.com or call Commence Sales at 877- COMMENCE.

Image by Gregory Bourolias | Unsplash