Month: July 2014

Selling Confidence: How Optimism Can Bolster Your Sales Team

By CommenceCRM / July 31, 2014

Sales management tips on Excerpt below: Inspiring optimism in your sales team isn’t always easy, but you can do it with the right techniques. Caretsky shares three tips for helping your team take the “glass half full” approach to its work. Retrain worn-down employees. Constant rejection when making a few dozen calls a day can take its toll on…

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Finally a CRM Solution Provider that Gets It

By CommenceCRM / July 28, 2014

Customers seeking cloud based CRM software have been complaining for years about the pricing structure of mainstream CRM software providers. The structure, which charges one price for all users of a specific product edition, never sat well with customers. Commence CRM, a popular choice for small to mid-sized businesses, is breaking new ground with a novel pricing structure that is…

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Making a Decision for CRM Software?

By CommenceCRM / July 21, 2014

Look for the Right CRM Company Not Just the Right Product By Larry Caretsky Small to mid-sized companies looking for a CRM solution for their business often go about the process with a laser focus on features, functions and price. They traditionally create a committee or team of people to lead the project, give them a budget, and tell them…

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Sales Best Practice #13 – Inside Relationships

By CommenceCRM / July 18, 2014

Relationships with inside people, a best sales practice by Dave Kahle. By Dave Kahle Best Practice #13:  Has an excellent relationship with customer service, purchasing and all the support staff inside his/her organization. This is such an important practice that I have named it one of my top eleven time management strategies. If you have the book, Eleven Secrets of…

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Hosted CRM Offers Exceptional Value for Small Business

By CommenceCRM / July 14, 2014

Small to mid-sized businesses have experienced a significant change to their IT environment over the past few years.  Outsourced IT consultants replaced in-house IT staff that once managed and maintained desktop software.  Now a new technology known as hosting is replacing these consultants. For several years, Commence Corporation has offered web based hosting services for their CRM software and continues…

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How to Build Rapport with Anyone

By CommenceCRM / July 7, 2014

Here are a few proven ways to build rapport with anyone.

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It’s Time to Take Charge of Your CRM

By CommenceCRM / July 1, 2014

CRM software holds the promise of improving efficiency within your organization by automating the front office business processes that impact sales and customer service. There are dozens of CRM software programs to choose from and all at different price points. Some offer comprehensive functionality across multiple departments and some are more targeted at automation of contact management and sales. Thanks…

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