By CommenceCRM

It’s Time to Take Charge of Your CRM

CRM software holds the promise of improving efficiency within your organization by automating the front office business processes that impact sales and customer service.

There are dozens of CRM software programs to choose from and all at different price points. Some offer comprehensive functionality across multiple departments and some are more targeted at automation of contact management and sales. Thanks to cloud computing, these systems have become easy to use and easy to deploy. Despite this fact, small to mid-size businesses continue to struggle with utilization and realizing a return on their investment. The reason for this is quite clear, and it all starts at the top.

“I suspect that greater than 50 percent of small businesses that purchase a CRM solution fail to appreciate that the successful implementation and use of CRM software does not end with the selection process. In fact, it’s just beginning.”

Larry Caretsky, CEO Commence Corporation

CRM software provides the tools to automate internal business processes, but it requires a commitment from the management of the organization to create a structured process for marketing, selling and providing service to your customers. Here is an example. Automating the sales process is a core component of almost every CRM solution, but you cannot automate a process if it does not exist. So many companies implement a CRM solution somehow thinking that the system will guide them along and help them with the automation process. Guess what? It won’t. People are the most important component to the successful implementation and use of CRM software. You will discover that the value you realize from the system will be directly proportionate to what you put into the system.

Here is my point. If you have made a decision to implement a CRM system, that’s great. But if you expect to significantly improve efficiency within your organization, be prepared to assign a CRM administrator to manage and maintain the solution. Also engage your sales, marketing and customer service organization so that you can first create then automate the internal processes they are comfortable with. These tips will ensure that you get buy in from your team, utilization of the product, and added value to your business.

Take charge of your CRM system and it will provide a handsome return for your business.

Image courtesy of ddpavumba/freedigitalphotos.net