Month: July 2013

Sales Tips for Getting Around Two Difficult Situations

By CommenceCRM / July 31, 2013

Sales professionals have a tough job. While constantly under pressure to make their monthly or quarterly sales numbers they have to deal with prospects that – well don’t always represent their position of authority or their company’s requirements accurately. You know the story. How many times have you been told that someone is the decision maker, only to learn later…

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Using CRM Software for Acquiring New Customers

By CommenceCRM / July 29, 2013

Can customer management software programs have an impact in acquiring new customers? You betcha! Today’s top rated CRM software solutions now make it possible to create customized drip marketing campaigns to introduce your business to new prospects and to nurture ones that are not yet ready to make a decision. How does this work? Well first, you may be wondering…

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CRM Software Now an Unavoidable Investment

By CommenceCRM / July 26, 2013

In today’s fast paced on demand environment if you are not able to address customer inquiries quickly and efficiently you’re out of business. Organizations big and small need to efficiently manage customer relationships and they can no longer do it with a spiral notebook or an Excel spreadsheet. You need to be agile, social and prepared to engage your customers.…

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Sales Question and Answer #25 – How much time and money should I spend on my own education?

By CommenceCRM / July 23, 2013

This is a Sales Question and Answer article from guest poster Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator. Follow Dave’s latest Tweets at @davekahle. Q.   I’ve read your ideas about the need to invest in developing myself. Can you quantify that? How much time and money should I spend on my own education? A.  Now that‘s a question I’m rarely…

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Closing the Sale Means Being a Good Listener

By CommenceCRM / July 18, 2013

Helping your prospect resolve uncertainty Regardless of the type of business you are in, your prospect has some idea of what he or she wants to buy.  But most are not 100 percent sure because they may be dealing with uncertainty and experiencing insecurity.  No one likes nor enjoys being uncertain or insecure and they are not going to buy…

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Best Practice #31 – Makes it a practice to expand the customer relationship by bringing customers to our facility

By CommenceCRM / July 15, 2013

By Dave Kahle Every now and then I encounter a salesperson who believes that it is to his advantage to have all the calls and requests from the customer go to him personally. Picture a salesperson with his arms wide open, trying to encircle and control every relationship with the customer, every communication, and every transaction. Salespeople with this mentality…

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CRM Buying Secrets of the Experienced Consumer

By CommenceCRM / July 11, 2013

The experienced consumer has most likely purchased software before and knows that mistakes can be costly.

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CRM Buyers Guide for the Commodity Buyer

By CommenceCRM / July 9, 2013

Choosing a crm solution based solely on brand recognition or price does not guarantee success. Here are some things to look out for.

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Dealing effectively with the competition

By CommenceCRM / July 8, 2013

This is a best practice for sales people by Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator. “This would be a great business if it weren’t for the competition!” Unfortunately, the existence of the competition impacts every industry, every business and every sales position.  What the competition does or does not do can make a dramatic impact upon a company and…

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CRM Buyers Guide for the Checklist Consumer

By CommenceCRM / July 5, 2013

You want to find the best solution for your business but may not have documented requirements to guide you. Is the best solution the one with the most features?

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