Month: July 2013

What Type of CRM Buyer are You?

By CommenceCRM / July 2, 2013

The CRM software sector is an explosive market. The introduction of cloud based CRM solutions that no longer require the implementation of computer hardware or software, coupled with a large number of low cost offerings for small to mid-size businesses, have fed the global growth of this industry.  Growth predictions for this sector indicate that businesses are going to continue…

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Commence CRM Poaching Customers

By CommenceCRM / July 1, 2013

Competition has sure made a difference in the CRM software sector just like every other industry today. Of course it’s great for the consumer, but it can wreak havoc on a manufacturer or solution provider. This appears to be the case for CRM industry leader who paved the way into the world of cloud based computing, but who today…

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