By CommenceCRM

Using CRM Software for Acquiring New Customers

Can customer management software programs have an impact in acquiring new customers? You betcha! Today’s top rated CRM software solutions now make it possible to create customized drip marketing campaigns to introduce your business to new prospects and to nurture ones that are not yet ready to make a decision.

How does this work? Well first, you may be wondering what drip marketing is. Drip marketing is an automated business process that enables you to schedule the periodic release of e-mail or direct mail to prospective customers. Here is an example.

A sales organization traditionally gets three types of leads or prospects.

  • Some have a strong interest in your product or service,
  • Some prospects have an initial interest but may not be making a decision for 3 to 6 months,
  • Others may have an interest but have no time table whatsoever for a decision.

So, how can CRM software with drip marketing help you turn these prospects into customers?

Your sales team will be immediately engaged with the hot leads so there is no need to worry about them. But what’s happening with the ones that are 3 to 6 months out, or those that have no timetable for a decision at all? Well if you are like most sales organizations these have a tendency to fall through the cracks, but not if you have a CRM solution with drip marketing.

Drip marketing allows you to nurture the leads by placing them in segmented lists whereby you can automatically schedule mailers, updates or educational materials such as white papers to be sent out on a pre-determined timetable. Perhaps for the warm leads you schedule this every month, but for the ones with no definitive decision time frame it’s every quarter. Regardless of what you do the value here is that you are keeping your company name and product in front of these prospects so that when they do decide to make a decision chances are they will be in touch with you versus your competition.