Month: May 2012

Commence – The Go-To Guys for CRM

By CommenceCRM / May 31, 2012

What makes one CRM software provider better then another? In today’s competitive environment it’s typically not a specific feature or function.  Unfortunately too many companies focus all their attention specifically on a CRM product’s features and price and often end up making the wrong decision. Companies that have chosen Commence CRM as their solution for managing their customer relationships have…

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Are Your Sales People Using Social CRM?

By CommenceCRM / May 30, 2012

You have heard the term social CRM and you understand the value, but is your sales team using social CRM to drive new business opportunities?  Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn now offer your sales team an opportunity to introduce themselves and their products to literally thousands of potential prospects; network with industry experts; and solicit your customers…

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Professional Selling Skills Tip # 4 – Get To Top Management

By CommenceCRM / May 23, 2012

Today’s challenging economy may be the best thing that’s happened for sales professionals in more than a decade and here is why.  Every financial decision at any size company is now going through a level of scrutiny like never before.  If you cannot demonstrate that your product or service will provide the customer with a rapid return on investment your…

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Sales Question and Answer #11

By CommenceCRM / May 22, 2012

Suppliers to the automotive industry do not accept price increases unless they have zero alternatives. How do we handle this?

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Small Businesses Have Options for Internet Marketing

By CommenceCRM / May 21, 2012

Every business today is seeking ways to increase their internet visibility. While most turn to Google and Yahoo for pay-per-click advertising there are several new alternatives that should be considered. “Commence Corporation has been using Google’s pay-per-click advertising for many years” says Nicole Reed, a marketing representative at Commence.   “There is no question that Google has the lion’s share of…

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Professional Selling Skills Tip # 3 – When To Demo

By CommenceCRM / May 18, 2012

If you sell software in today’s competitive environment and find yourself doing demonstration after demonstration, after demonstration without closing your share of business, guess what?  You’re letting the prospective customer take advantage of you. Customers are the most savvy people in the world and they are masters at taking up your valuable time if you allow them to do so. …

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Professional Selling Skills Tip #2 – Handling Objection

By CommenceCRM / May 14, 2012

Good sales managers will tell their staff that it’s OK to get no for an answer as long as it’s during the initial call or sales visit.   This makes perfect sense as no one wants to spend their valuable time when the opportunity for a sale simply doesn’t exist. But in the world of sales, no does not always mean…

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Best Practice #4 – Regularly uses positive self talk to keep himself motivated

By CommenceCRM / May 7, 2012

A best practice for sales people by guest poster Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator. By Dave Kahle Most time studies of field salespeople reveal that the typical salesperson only spends 25 to 30 percent of his/her work week actually talking with customers and prospects.  Much of the remainder of that time is spent alone.  That isolation can be…

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