By CommenceCRM

Commence – The Go-To Guys for CRM

What makes one CRM software provider better then another? In today’s competitive environment it’s typically not a specific feature or function.  Unfortunately too many companies focus all their attention specifically on a CRM product’s features and price and often end up making the wrong decision.

Companies that have chosen Commence CRM as their solution for managing their customer relationships have indicated that in addition to the product having a top 10 rating, it’s the company’s track record that made the difference for them.

Jeff Spilfogel, an executive at Clear Stream, said.  “I just felt comfortable with these guys. I am a small business so I won’t be anyone’s top account, but Commence was the only company that took the time to understand my business requirements and demonstrate how they could address them.  Their competitors did not seem to be very interested in engaging with me and suggested via an e-mail that I sign up for a free trial over the Internet. This is why I went with Commence.”

Commence has been providing customer management software solutions to small and mid-size businesses for more than two decades.  The company’s professional services and CRM support team have been engaged in more than 1,000 implementations, conducted thousands of training sessions and boast a client retention rate that is one of the best in the industry.

“Very few CRM software providers can match our experience level” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation.  “Our staff has expertise in more than 35 different industries and in 22 countries around the world. This knowledge is invaluable to our customers and helps ensure that their implementation goes smoothly and that they realize the maximum value for our CRM software. “