By CommenceCRM

Small Businesses Have Options for Internet Marketing

Every business today is seeking ways to increase their internet visibility. While most turn to Google and Yahoo for pay-per-click advertising there are several new alternatives that should be considered. “Commence Corporation has been using Google’s pay-per-click advertising for many years” says Nicole Reed, a marketing representative at Commence.   “There is no question that Google has the lion’s share of viewers, but the service is extraordinarily expensive often costing up to $35 per click which may be outside the reach of smaller businesses.  The good news is that there are alternatives.”

“Commence is complementing their Google marketing with, a web based pay-per-click service that operates like Google but at a fraction of the cost.  Of course newer programs like this are not going to return the same volume of activity as Google or Yahoo,” says Reed “but at rates of just pennies a click it’s a good way to increase your exposure without breaking the bank.  Other internet based pay-per-click services include and Based on your industry and marketing objectives these are worth a look as well.”