Month: March 2012

Leverage the Web for Managing Customer Relationships

By CommenceCRM / March 15, 2012

You need to connect with your customers and respond quickly to customer inquiries, but access to information is difficult and often scattered throughout the organization.  If you’re a firm with remote or virtual offices the problem may be even worse.  Thank God for your accounting system and Excel spreadsheets that at least provide you with critical customer data, but these…

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Web CRM Ensures your Marketing is Working

By CommenceCRM / March 13, 2012

Ensure your marketing efforts are working with a web CRM When you are executing marketing campaigns you want to make sure your campaign is working so if it’s not you can switch to another strategy. You may have a limited marketing budget and you don’t want to waste it on a campaign that isn’t working how you want it to.…

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Sales Best Practice #2 – Broadens the relationship with good customers by proactively introducing them to other employees

By CommenceCRM / March 13, 2012

A Best Practice for sales people by guest poster Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator. By Dave Kahle The best salespeople understand that the more comfortable the customer is with their company, the less risk the customer perceives there to be in dealing with them, and the more likely it is that the customer will prefer their company as…

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Contact Management and CRM – Time to join forces

By CommenceCRM / March 12, 2012

Contact management is an increasingly difficult task. Through the development of technology such as smart phones and tablets, contact details are now increasingly elaborate and across many platforms, like social media, email addresses, residential addresses, cell phone numbers, Skype details, twitter accounts etc. Therefore managing your contacts can be a time consuming task. Within these varying types of contact details…

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Thinking about Sales: Selling Commodities

By CommenceCRM / March 9, 2012

Thinking about Sales… By Dave Kahle “How do you create a perceived value to differentiate yourself from the competition when you are both selling a commodity?” That’s a question I’m often asked in my seminars.  It uncovers a problem that is spreading to almost every industry.  The rapid pace of technological development and our ultra-competitive global economy means that no…

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What Customers Should Consider When Selecting CRM Software

By CommenceCRM / March 6, 2012

The CRM software sector is highly competitive with dozens and dozens of product offerings that on the surface all appear to be the same.   As a consumer, it is not hard to get confused.  The vendors’ websites typically describe similar features and benefits, the products often look similar and the majority of them are web based and sold as a…

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Three days to transform your business and your career!

By CommenceCRM / March 5, 2012

Dave Kahle is an expert on sales process management. His sales training seminars will teach you how to grow your business and get the most from your sales team. Learn about proven best practices for sales execution and the use of online CRM software for better sales management, forecasting and reporting. How to create a sales system to grow your…

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