By CommenceCRM

Contact Management and CRM – Time to join forces

we're better togetherContact management is an increasingly difficult task. Through the development of technology such as smart phones and tablets, contact details are now increasingly elaborate and across many platforms, like social media, email addresses, residential addresses, cell phone numbers, Skype details, twitter accounts etc. Therefore managing your contacts can be a time consuming task. Within these varying types of contact details it can be challenging to decipher whom to contact and on what platform.  This is where the concept of contact management is brought into play.

Contact management software provides users with the ability to easily store and find contact information safely and coherently. These contact-centric databases enable users to track all information and communication activities linked to contacts, so why is it important to have a fully integrated CRM system rather than just a contact management system?

A fully integrated customer relationship management system extends the features a contact management solution can provide. CRM establishes a comprehensive record of each interaction and this then provides organisations with a greater overall knowledge of their customer needs. An amalgamation of both CRM and Contact Management can provide organisations with the fully integrated customer relationship management system they need.

CRM software packages are a vital tool for businesses in the global economy. Varied customer locations and interactions with your organisations sales funnel can cause difficulties for your sales team when they are recording vital customer information. However, through the implementation of a fully integrated online CRM system your company can benefit immediately due to the availability of customer knowledge at a moments notice. The relationship that can be developed with your customer through the use and maintenance of an amalgamated CRM system will ensure the continued growth and success of your organisation. The availability of enhanced customer knowledge will have a positive effect on sales, establishing the prospect and production of business growth in the long term.