By CommenceCRM

Online CRM Made Easy

Every company looking for an online CRM system wants one with the most functionality, but it’s also got to be easy to use; kind of an oxymoron I think.  There is clearly a correlation between robust functionality and ease of use.  Standalone or what’s known as point solutions that do one or two things very well are by nature very easy to use.  Those that do a lot like robust CRM systems aren’t.

One CRM solution provider however has done a pretty good job of offering a comprehensive CRM system that is quite easy to use.  That company is Commence Corporation, who has been providing CRM software to small and mid-size businesses for more than two decades.   “We understand the importance of ease of use,” says Larry Caretsky, President of Commence Corporation.  “We may not have every bell and whistle of enterprise solutions, but our customers utilize our solutions and have realized substantial value from our CRM system”.

What makes Commence easy to use begins with the company’s CRM Dashboard, which enables the end user to complete routine tasks such as adding a new account, a new contact, a lead or a new sales opportunity without leaving the home page.   Sales representatives have reported that they can conduct 90 percent of their daily business without ever leaving the screen.  This makes the learning curve for Commence CRM minimal.

Commence has also incorporated what they call a multi-view inside the CRM system.  A multi-view displays multiple windows of information on a single screen. Very much like a Microsoft Windows environment does on a PC, Commence does this using HTML for their online CRM system.  This capability provides access to a complete 360 degree view of information on a single screen.  There is no scrolling up and down and no flipping back and forth from screen to screen.  This capability has delighted the management of companies that have selected Commence CRM.

There are numerous online CRM solutions to choose, but few that offer the comprehensive functionality and ease of use of Commence CRM.  To learn more about this online CRM solution visit the company’s web site at commenceaug202.wpengine.com.