By CommenceCRM

Which CRM System Should You Choose?

Companies engaged in the selection of a CRM system should not automatically select the most popular one or the least expensive solution, but instead take the time to document their business requirements.

You may have heard the old story that no one goes to a hardware store to buy a drill, they buy a drill because they need a hole.  The same can be said about CRM systems.  If your requirement is to simply manage contacts, then select a contact management system and don’t worry about all the other bells and whistles you may be excited about.  On the other hand if you are trying to build your brand, generate more leads or manage the sales process you may need a more robust CRM system.

CRM systems are also available in-house or on premise, hosted by a third party vendor or as cloud based CRM systems that are deployed over the internet.  You need to once again consider your business requirements when selecting how you would like your CRM system deployed. If you staff is all on-premise, an in-house CRM system makes good sense. But if your sales and support organization operates remotely or from a home office, a web based CRM system would be a better choice.  Also look for a vendor that will spend time with you and help you to determine the applications or functionality you need and the best deployment option for you.  Those that won’t assist you before the sale will certainly not help you after the sale.