By CommenceCRM

Sales Management Benefit the Most from CRM Software

Experienced well trained sales managers understand the importance and value of CRM software and how chaotic their world would be without it.  Anyone who has managed a mid-size to large sales organization knows it is no easy task.  Sales people often come from all walks of life, from college grads to mature people who may have completely changed their careers.  One of the biggest challenges in managing sales people is implementing a structure that ensures everyone is working under the same guidelines.   Unlike your internal accountants that must follow state and federal guidelines, there are no written rules for sales people.  This is where a good CRM system can be a sales manager’s best friend.

You should look at your sales organization just like a crew of new military recruits that just arrived in boot camp.  They’re all eager to be successful, but don’t quite know how and are looking for the right path to follow.  The implementation of a structure with well-established rules and procedures is what makes the military successful. Once the recruits are comfortable with it they begin to operate like a well-oiled machine.  Your sales organization should be operating the same way. Sales people want and need a structured approach to selling and a good CRM system can provide it.

What CRM software can deliver is the ability to document a structured approach to selling where each stage of the sales cycle is managed and evaluated before moving forward.   This ensures that each and every sales opportunity is being looked at through multiple eyes and not falling through the cracks.  The results speak for themselves.  Higher close ratios, higher revenue attainment, happy sales people and happy management.   It’s important to note that simply running out and implementing a CRM system is not going to deliver more sales.  CRM software is a tool and it does not run your business, people do and sales management is the key to good performance.  CRM software will at least give them the tools they need to become a more effective sales organization.

[Image “Social Business Boot Camp 2010” by Gangway Advertising on Flickr under Creative Commons license]