By CommenceCRM

CRM Product Review – Commence Making Impact in CRM Software Market

The CRM software industry has been dominated by the marketing presence of companies like Microsoft and, but a new lesser known player has emerged and is in fact challenging these industry giants in the mid-market and small enterprise sector with a comprehensive cloud based CRM solution that offers some unique CRM functionality is easy to use and affordable.

Commence CRM is a robust offering for managing accounts and contacts, leads, sales, marketing, customer service and projects.  It even offers a built in e-mail client that seamlessly integrates Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and other e-mail clients so that you can actually read and compose your e-mail right within the CRM system itself.  In addition to the e-mail feature Commence also incorporates several unique features that are simply not available in competitive offerings costing twice as much.

One of these features is an account rating and scoring system that enables you to rate and color code your customers based on their value to your business.  This provides a quick and efficient way of identifying your most valuable customers, ensuring that you pay special attention to them.  This same capability known as an Automated Business Process can be found in the product’s lead module. This feature allows sales management to create a series of questions or identifiers to ensure that every sales representative is qualifying new sales opportunities the same way.  The feature enables the sales team to become laser focused on the most qualified opportunities and has proven to reduce sales cycles and improve close ratios.

Other CRM features that differentiate Commence CRM from competitive offerings include an automated organization chart built into the contact management and sales applications, an integrated project management system and the ability to create hierarchical or parent child relationships for accounts with multiple divisions or subsidiary organizations.   In addition, the product’s user interface is highly regarded for its easy navigation and use.   Because Commence is a cloud based CRM solution it can be accessed via a PC, Mac or any mobile device with Internet access.

Commence is a top rated CRM solution that offers unique functionality, ease of use and a low cost of ownership.  If you are a mid-market company or small enterprise Commence CRM should be on your radar screen.    For more information visit the company’s web site at