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CRM Not Delivering For Small Businesses

WE DELIVERSmall businesses have been engaged in acquiring CRM software in record numbers and for good reason.  New cloud based CRM offerings coupled with low price points have encouraged small to mid-size businesses to join in on the success they have been hearing about for the past few years.  For many of these businesses however, success has not come easy.  In fact, there are a staggering number of failed implementations among SMBs and even the ones that get implemented often have very low utilization rates. The reason for this is simple and can easily be fixed if management begins to understand that you have to invest time, energy and money to be successful with CRM.

The problem lies in the fact that most businesses view CRM software as some sort of turn-key “out of the box solution” like an appliance that you plug-in the wall.  It’s not.  CRM is complicated and requires proper training and customization to address unique business requirements.  Part of the problem also comes from a failed CRM selection process whereby management has not taken the time to outline their business requirements.  As a result, they often select a solution based on popularity and price only to find out later that they made the wrong decision.

Small to mid-size businesses looking for help with the CRM selection process will find substantial value in the attached white paper, available from the link below.

Don’t Make a CRM Buying Mistake – 7 Points to Consider

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