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A Good CRM System Can Help Determine Who’s Buying and Who’s Not

Efficient VERSUS Effective

Don't waste valuable time chasing tire kickers

Management of the Sales Cycle

CRM software is often looked upon as an extension of contact management and sales automation software. While this is certainly true, several CRM solution providers have taken CRM to a whole new level, using it to implement a structured approach to lead management and management of the sales cycle.  One of these companies, Commence Corporation has developed a unique Automated Business Process that  automates the lead qualification process and helps sales organizations better determine who’s buying and who’s not.

Automated Business Process

The structured process offers the ability to create a series of buying criteria built right into the CRM software such as;

  • Prospect displays a high level of interest
  • Needs have been established and documented
  • Budget has been approved
  • Buying or evaluation criteria have been established
  • There is a specific time frame for a decision
  • The internal selection process has been shared with you

Sales representatives answer the questions and the system rates and color codes each new opportunity based on the results, with red being a hot opportunity, yellow a warm one and blue cold.   The questions are completely customizable and you can even establish percentages if you feel one question is more important than another.

CRM Lead Management

This structured lead qualification process built into the Commence CRM software has proven to reduce sales cycles and improve close ratios.  This is because with Commence CRM, sales representatives become laser focused on the most qualified opportunities versus spending valuable time chasing tire kickers.

For more information about the automated lead qualification process click here.

[Image “Efficient VERSUS Effective” by Laura Dantonio on Flickr under Creative Commons license]