By CommenceCRM

Commence CRM Software Offers New Customer Ranking Feature

Cloud based CRM software provider Commence Corporation continues to differentiate its CRM software through a number of innovative features. The company’s newest CRM product release scheduled for July will now offer an automated customer ranking feature that enables businesses to see a snapshot of their most valuable customers based on a set of pre-defined criteria.  “It is critical for businesses to begin to segment their customers based on the value they provide to their business,” stated Flo Viau, a product specialist at Commence.  “Knowing who your best and most profitable customers are impacts future marketing activities, cross selling opportunities and support requirements.”

The new automated business process allows you to rank and color code customers based on criteria such as company size, annual revenue, cost to deliver services, profitability, future growth potential, service level requirements and more.  The pre-defined criteria are completely customizable by the customer, providing them with the ultimate flexibility in determining how to rank their customers.  This customer ranking feature is a unique business process that is not available from competitive CRM software offerings.