By CommenceCRM

Sales Management Software Shortens the Sales Cycle

A well oiled sales organization is traditionally the result of a process driven sales manager, an individual that understands the value of implementing a process for properly qualifying leads and a structure for managing the sales process from introduction to closure.  For decades highly focused sales managers performed these task with very little technology or sales tools to assist them, yet many succeeded in delivering revue growth and profitability to their organization despite the lack of technology.

Today, sales management software programs are available to assist first line management and executive management in automating and streamlining the sales process.  Programs like Commence CRM software enable sales managers to quickly and efficiently utilize proven sales tools and best practices to improve the sales process.  Often referred to as sales automation software, CRM systems like Commence CRM provide sales management and individual sales representatives with a structured approach to selling that shortens the sales cycle and results in higher close ratios.

How Does Commence CRM Work?

Commence CRM begins by creating a sales methodology and automating the sales process.  Every company that sells a product or service goes through a series of steps before they win new business.  The initial step is commonly called the introduction phase, which may be followed by a needs analysis, sending out product samples or if you are in the software industry, a product demonstration.  Once this is completed, sales representatives often create a quote, a proposal for services or an estimate or bid. This may be followed by a verbal commitment, a contract review or simply closing the business deal.  What is important here is not the exact steps or process (which can be customized in Commence CRM), but instead the automation of the sales process so that every sales representative has a structured path to follow and management can assist during different stages of the sales cycle.

The CRM sales management software standardizes the sales process so that every sales representative approaches a new sales opportunity the same way.  The sales management software also provides the sales management executives with a snapshot of where each new opportunity is in the sales pipeline or sales funnel so that they may take a proactive approach to helping close the business or sales opportunity.  Sales management tools like Commence CRM offer sales representatives and sales management the opportunity to significantly improve sales execution and get a leg up on the competition.

Commence CRM software for sales management is a web based CRM solution that operates online and is managed under a cloud computing environment.  Commence CRM is highly regarded for its robust CRM features and ease of use and is listed as a top ten CRM software solution.