By CommenceCRM

On Line CRM Best Bet For Small to Mid-Size Enterprises

Foster Launches Seminars to Boost BusinessSmall to mid-size enterprises looking for a Customer Relationship Management solution may find that online CRM software best suits their business requirements.  The current economic environment has placed a great deal of financial pressure on the SME sector.  Many companies have found themselves with limited resources and working with a dated IT infrastructure that will cost a large amount of money to upgrade and maintain.  “It’s simply too hard to manage and maintain desktop software today” says Patrick Murphy, managing director at SiliconCloud, a provider of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions.  “We switched to CRM Online, which has alleviated any additional investment in hardware or software and enabled us to focus one hundred percent of our time on growing our business.  Having our CRM system online has also provided us with access to our data anytime and from anywhere via an Internet browser. Prior to this we were tied to our desktop computer.”

“There is clearly a significantly higher interest in CRM online today” says Tom Gibson, sales manager at Commence Corporation a top rated provider of CRM software.  Customers want to be up and running quickly, without having to worry if they have the proper hardware in place. In addition, they now demand access to their data from mobile devices such as a tablet PC or smartphone.  Online CRM software provides this traditionally at no additional cost.  This is driving SME’s to consider online CRM vs. desktop solutions.”

Image “Foster Launches Seminars to Boost Business” by DUP Photos on Flickr under Creative Commons license.