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Customization is Key to Realizing Value from CRM Software

CRM Software

Just about everyone who is living above ground has heard of CRM software and the promises of using CRM to build efficiency into your organization. It is a good story and how can you argue with CRM’s ability to capture, track, manage and share vital customer information within your organization?  You can’t, which is why tens of thousands of businesses are using CRM software for this purpose. Despite this, the CRM software sector does not enjoy the best reputation for providing substantial value to customers, and customizability has a lot to do with this.

The industry is chock full of low-cost, cookie-cutter CRM solutions that by design offer basic out of the box functionality and limited customization. If you are a small business, simply looking to capture customer information and manage communication, these offerings – even the free ones – will meet this objective.  The challenge arises when you need the software to provide an array of additional functionality, offer a high degree of customization, and provide the administrative tools needed for managing larger groups of people.

Most mid-size companies want to capture and manage leads and new business opportunities. Some need the CRM system for marketing campaign management, help desk ticketing or project management. But add the integration to disparate systems, like accounting for example, and you have a much different decision than just downloading a free or low-cost CRM solution. Part of the requirements may also include administrative functions like customizing data entry forms and detailed views, creating saved searches, limiting what information people have access to, the need to generate sophisticated ad hoc reports and analytics, store documents and offer full mobile access to data.

You are not going to get this from a cookie-cutter CRM solution. But don’t worry there are plenty of good solutions available at different price points.  Some can be too complicated, costly, and cumbersome to use, but there are several that seem to straddle the fence between being too limited in functionality and offering too much functionality. One of these companies is Commence Corporation, manufacturers of Commence CRM. Commence has built a very good reputation and following over the past 20 plus years in business and is targeted at companies that need more than a cookie cutter solution without the complexity of higher-end systems costing much more. Commence is considered an “All in One Solution” due to the product’s robust functionality and high degree of customization that is available to administrative users. In addition to the standard CRM functionality offered by most CRM solution providers, Commence CRM provides a suite of add-on applications for sales and lead management, marketing campaign management, document management, customer service ticketing with a customer portal, and project management. A graphical analytics module is included along with a custom report generator, e-mail integration and mobile access from any device. The product is attractively priced, and users report that customer service is excellent. Customer testimonials can be viewed at

For more information contact Commence Sales at 877-266-6362 and ask for a free trial of Commence CRM.