Month: October 2023

Are Significant Businesses the Solution to our Current Malaise?

By Dave Kahle / October 31, 2023

By now, every reasonably well-informed, thoughtful adult realizes that we are in unprecedented times. In case you’ve missed it, here’s a bullet list of some of the currents moving through our culture that are merging to create an incredibly turbulent, dangerous environment: An unprecedented pace of change. Growing complexity in almost every area of our lives. Constant pressures on time.…

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Should You Outsource Your Marketing?

By CommenceCRM / October 25, 2023

Small to mid-size businesses often need assistance when it comes to marketing. Building brand awareness and generating more new business opportunities can be a significant challenge for these companies because they may not have the tools or experienced marketing resources to create and execute a consistent marketing plan. Marketing is a contest to get people’s attention.  Every company has a…

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Top Choice Lead Generation Services for Small to Midsize Companies

By CommenceCRM / October 17, 2023

  Every company wants and needs new business opportunities to fuel their growth. The good news is that there are a myriad of companies that offer an array of lead generation services. But most of these solutions typically offer just one or two of the components you need to design and execute an effective marketing campaign. I suspect that you…

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Business Model or Leadership Character?

By Dave Kahle / October 3, 2023

“Is there one business model that you would recommend to a budding entrepreneur?” That was the question a young man asked me recently. I reflected for a moment over the past 25 years, and answered this way: “No. I’ve worked with over 400 businesses, and in that pack there were lots of different business models. What I’ve seen is that…

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