Month: September 2023

Q & A for Sales Leaders: Communicate Expectations

By Dave Kahle / September 28, 2023

Sales Leaders need to communicate expectations of their salespersons directly to them. It should not be a secret. It should also not be a matter of negotiation.  If you have not given clear and specific expectations, the salespeople will default to what feels comfortable to them. So, they’ll be in the office doing their quotes, sourcing product and making phone…

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Is Your Shoestring Marketing Budget Keeping You from Moving Forward?

By CommenceCRM / September 25, 2023

Small to midsize businesses are struggling to build Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) and execute a consistent marketing strategy that promotes their product or service and generates new business. There are several reasons for this, all of which can be addressed quickly and without breaking the bank. The first challenge these businesses face is budgetary constraints. Many smaller companies cannot…

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Are You Ready for The Age of Turmoil?

By Dave Kahle / September 19, 2023

We all have a sense that things are changing rapidly these days. It is more serious than that. We have entered into the Age of Turmoil and our ability to recognize and navigate it will be the single biggest challenge for the rest of our careers.

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How Important is Having a Marketing Plan?

By CommenceCRM / September 8, 2023

Ask any executive or owner of a company and they will probably tell you that marketing is a key component of their business and the driver of brand awareness and growth.  I suspect they would say the same about the accounting department that handles orders and invoices and manages the financial health of the business.  What I find interesting, however,…

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