By CommenceCRM

Do You Have the Right Marketing Mix?

Small to mid-size companies continue to struggle with creating and executing marketing programs that build brand awareness and generate new business opportunities. The reason for this is two-fold. First, the way that companies need to market their products and services today is quite different than just a decade ago. Magazine advertisements, public relations, trade shows, and product brochures have given way to the digital world of Google pay-per-click ads, Internet banner ads, bulk e-mail marketing campaigns, content distribution and running campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other digital platforms. You could argue that all of this is required to build brand awareness and drive new business, but this can be overwhelming for small to mid-size companies that simply do not have the resources or marketing skills to execute an effective marketing plan; and if you think you can just go out and hire someone who does, “forget-about-it.”  These people are hard to recruit and can be expensive to hire. So, what can you do? Well, how about engaging a third-party company that can fill the gap between the tools and resources you need to complement what you currently have.

Commence Corporation, manufacturer of Commence CRM, is helping their customers successfully address a key aspect of the marketing mix and that’s bulk e-mail marketing. Commence has demonstrated that e-mail marketing can return the best and fastest return on investment for their customers. Here is why. Within minutes Commence can have your company name and value proposition (i.e., what you offer and why you are better than the competition) in front of thousands of prospects and for just pennies on the dollar. Even here there is a lot of work that needs to be done and Commence Professional Services does it all for you.

We start by providing you with a targeted prospect list of 5,000 contacts… 10,000… 20,000, even more if needed.

We will help you to fine tune your elevator pitch.

We will design a series of marketing e-mail templates for your approval.

We will distribute the campaigns every two weeks.

We will provide you with detailed reports that measure the success of each campaign and display those prospects that opened the campaign and those that clicked on a call to action such as: send me a free sample, a trial of your product or a quote for services.

We even integrate the campaign leads with your CRM system, or we will provide you with a copy of ours if you do not have one.

Commence has coupled its top-rated CRM software with a team of experienced marketing resources that are delivering substantial value to customers through the creation and distribution of professionally designed bulk e-mail campaigns.