Month: January 2023

Funnel Media Group Interviews Commence CEO About Lead Generation Services

By CommenceCRM / January 23, 2023

Commence Corporation, a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) has added an array of marketing services to their popular CRM product offering. The services are designed to address a significant challenge facing small to mid-size businesses starting with acquiring a targeted prospect list, building marketing campaigns, the consistent distribution of thousands of mailers every month and measuring the…

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The Crippling Disease of Moderate Success

By Dave Kahle / January 19, 2023

The overwhelming majority have been lulled by moderate success to a place where they are hesitant to pursue excellence, weary of reaching for their potential, tentative about embracing any new ideas and afraid of stretching beyond today’s comfort zones. That’s one of the main reasons why only 5-20% of businesses and salespeople ever reach their potential.

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Pressure Mounts from Salesforce Competitors

By CommenceCRM / January 9, 2023

After years of excitement and rapid growth the shine may be coming off the apple at, and competition may be the culprit. Layoffs, the closing of multiple offices and a falling stock price is now taking place at Salesforce and one has to wonder what is next for this industry giant. According to industry analysts the CRM sector is…

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