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Commence CRM Delivers TOMA – Top of Mind Awareness

Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA)

What is Top of Mind Awareness or TOMA? It is a lead generation and nurturing program introduced by Commence Corporation in conjunction with their Sales and Marketing CRM software that is quickly gaining traction. Here is why.

CRM software is typically purchased to manage customer data, generate new business opportunities, and automate the sales process, but despite all the hype surrounding CRM, many small to mid-size businesses will tell you it has been a bust with minimal if any utilization. Why? Well, there are several reasons but the key one is because CRM software on its own does not do anything. CRM systems are passive by design; they require someone to input new information. This works best when there are experienced sales and marketing people trained to use it and guess what? Most small to mid-size companies do not have this expertise on staff and as a result end up frustrated with a CRM system that is underutilized.

TOMA is all about taking an aggressive approach to ensuring that people are thinking about your company, your product, or your service. TOMA uses the Commence CRM marketing tools to generate and distribute professionally designed bulk e-mail campaigns on a consistent basis. Why is consistency so important? Well industry experts say that it can take as many as twelve contacts to generate a sale.

Contact 1-4 : During your first through the fourth contact, you are introducing your product or service and your value proposition to the prospect.
Contact 5 : By the fifth contact your offering is becoming recognized by the prospect.
Contact 6 : The prospect may not be a buyer, but now understands what you offer.
Contact 7 : You are earning “Top of Mind Awareness.” The prospect knows who you are.
Contact 8 : You are one of a few salespeople to have eight contacts with the prospect.
Contact 9 : If the prospect is ready, you have a 90% chance of engaging with this prospect.
Contact 10 & 11 : You are addressing questions, concerns, or obstacles in the sales process.
Contact 12 : Hopefully you have won the sale.

The real value of TOMA is the fact that the CRM tools are proactively generating new leads and feeding them back into the CRM and it’s all done for you. It is an “All-In-One Solution.” The Commence team generates a list of targeted prospects for you, designs a series of marketing templates for your approval, distributes the mailers every other week and provides reporting on the success of the campaigns by scoring new leads based on their behavior; 2 points for all who opened campaigns and 3 points for those that clicked on a call to action. The new leads are automatically imported into the Commence CRM system so that they can be managed from the initial contact to closure.

Each week the scores will change based on the prospect’s behavior. The more points, the more qualified the opportunity. Once a lead reaches a score that you are comfortable with, you can convert the lead to a sales opportunity. Then engage the prospect and manage the sales cycle in Commence CRM.

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