By CommenceCRM

How To Create a Successful E-Mail Marketing Campaign

How many e-mails have you received from companies trying to sell you a list of contacts in your industry? It doesn’t stop and I suspect it is because there are companies that purchase these lists because they are desperate to generate new business opportunities and do not have a contact list to mail to. So, let’s say you buy one of these lists. Now what? You need a lot more than a mailing list to build and distribute a successful marketing campaign for your business. Getting your opt-in mailing list together is just one of many steps to create a successful e-mail marketing campaign. As you review the steps below, ask yourself the following questions.

HTML TEMPLATE DESIGN – Do you have someone on staff who can create a series of professional marketing campaigns?

MARKETING MESSAGE – What specific message are you trying to communicate to your target audience?

BULK EMAIL DISTRIBUTION – How do you plan to distribute the mailers? You cannot send bulk e-mail campaigns from your MS Outlook or Gmail account. They will stop you and label you a spammer.

MONITOR PERFORMANCE – What criteria have you established to measure the results of each campaign?

FOLLOWUP ON LEADS – Do you have a way to capture, track and manage new business inquiries?

The answer to the questions above is almost unanimously no.  So, what are companies doing about it? Well typically they end up engaging multiple vendors. One for the mailing list, one to create the mailers, one to send out the mailers and perhaps they have a CRM system or use an Excel spreadsheet to capture new inquiries.  This is just the way it is… until now!

Commence Corporation is an “All-in-One” CRM and E-mail Marketing Service that provides a one-stop-shopping solution to the above. Commence provides you with a targeted mailing list, designs a series of professional marketing templates and distributes them on a periodic basis. A/B tests are performed where multiple test messages are sent out to determine which message is generating the best results and lastly, Commence provides a copy of their top-rated CRM solution to capture, track and manage new opportunities. They are imported directly into the CRM program for you. All you need to do is contact the new leads we generate for you.

Companies are realizing positive results in just weeks with the Commence E-Mail Marketing Service. It is time you do the same.  Contact Commence Sales at 1-877-266-6362 for more information or