Month: August 2022

How To Create a Successful E-Mail Marketing Campaign

By CommenceCRM / August 26, 2022

How many e-mails have you received from companies trying to sell you a list of contacts in your industry? It doesn’t stop and I suspect it is because there are companies that purchase these lists because they are desperate to generate new business opportunities and do not have a contact list to mail to. So, let’s say you buy one…

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How To Build Brand Recognition & Generate New Business

By CommenceCRM / August 16, 2022

Every business large or small is looking for creative ways to build brand recognition and generate new business opportunities. It is the number one challenge for many companies. Smaller businesses really struggle with this and often feel that regardless of their efforts no one knows who they are and as a result, they feel like they are unable to compete…

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Quality Sales Calls

By Dave Kahle / August 12, 2022

Q.  How many appointments or conversations per day or per week should a sales person make in order to be successful? A.  I have no idea.  How’s that for an answer that you’re not expecting? OK, you know by now that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say to this point.  Let me explain my first statement.  I have…

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Commence CRM Gaining Ground in All-in-One CRM Sector

By CommenceCRM / August 3, 2022

In a recent Market research study, Commence CRM is recognized as a key player for All-in-One CRM Software and is forecasted to grow in market share through 2030. Commence continues to rank favorably alongside the top CRM solutions in this space including SAP, Sage CRM, Salesforce, Microsoft, and SugarCRM. Source:

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