By CommenceCRM

Which CRM Should You Choose? Salesforce or Commence CRM

Everyone is familiar with Salesforce. It’s the 800-pound Gorilla in the Customer Relationship Management sector and for good reasons. The product offers comprehensive functionality, is scalable to several thousand users, supports multiple languages and multi currencies, is customizable, and offers an array of third-party system integrations.  

If you do need all the above be prepared to pay a lot of money for the product and its implementation services; there are only a few companies that can match this enterprise level offering. But what if you don’t? What if you are a small to midsize company looking for a feature rich solution for managing accounts and contacts, calendars, sales, marketing campaigns, customer service ticketing or project management? What if you want a solution that’s user friendly, can support 10 to 200 users and will not break the bank? Well, you just ruled out Salesforce. By design this is an expensive cumbersome product that is anything but easy to use. 

There are alternatives and one of the best is Commence CRM. Commence CRM is targeted at businesses that need more functionality and flexibility than the basic cookie-cutter CRMs can offer, but without the cost and complexity of Salesforce. Often referred to as the poor man’s Salesforce, Commence CRM offers functionality that rivals enterprise players such as Marketing Campaign Management with Lead Generation services, E-mail integration, Customer Service Ticketing with a built-in Knowledgebase and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), and an integrated Project Management application. Commence CRM can also be customized by the system administrator and does not require expensive third-party consultants. Best of all this system will not break the bank. Starting at just $29 dollars per user per month, this solution is difficult to beat.

Commence CRM is also differentiated by an array of value-added services that once again are targeted at small to mid-size companies. One of the most popular add-ons is the company’s lead generation service. Upon implementation, Commence will populate the CRM system with 5,000 contacts/prospects and help you create bulk e-mail campaigns that are sent out via the CRM Marketing application. As expected, the contacts are tracked for who opened the campaign and who selected a call to action. As part of the service Commence will add new prospects each month so that there is a constant flow of new leads and new business opportunities. Very few CRM systems, including Salesforce, offer this level of service to customers. Visit for a free trial or view the product video via this link.