By CommenceCRM

The Problem with Lead Generation Services

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Every business today large or small needs new leads and new customers to stay in business but generating successful marketing campaigns that drive new business opportunities has become a significant challenge for many companies. Here is why. While there are many lead generation services available to assist with lead generation, these offerings are not solving your problem. Some offer the purchase of filtered lead lists, some offer tools to create marketing campaigns, while others provide reporting on who clicked or opened the campaigns. This is all great, but they are not offering the most critical component in the process, and that’s an experienced marketing professional to do the work.  This has led to a lack of consistency, poor messaging, and a failure of these services to meet customer expectations. Let’s dig a bit deeper.  

Let’s say you purchase an expensive list of contacts from one of a myriad of services. Now what? What are you going to do with this list? Well first you need to create a marketing campaign or series of campaigns that you want to send to the list you just purchased. The good news is that there are tools available for you to design your campaign, fine tune your message and add pictures for a more professional design. Of course, you will need someone on staff to do this. Ok, now that your campaign is created how are you going to distribute the mailer? Will you be importing the contacts into a CRM system or perhaps sending the file to one of the bulk e-mail distribution services available.  Who will be doing this?  

Next, how will you determine the frequency of your mailers and monitor the performance of your campaigns? There are reporting tools for this, but its someone’s job to monitor this. Who is that someone? My point is the following. You don’t need lists of contacts, tools to develop campaigns or third-party bulk e-mail providers to successfully drive new business opportunities for your business. You need an “All-in-One Service” and Commence is that service. Commence has coupled its lead generation and lead management software with a staff of professional marketing experts that will execute the entire process for you. The service includes the following:  

  1. Commence will generate a list of contacts/prospects based on your specific criteria. 
  2. The contacts will be imported into the Commence CRM system or your CRM system if you have one.  
  3. The Commence marketing staff will design a series of templates for your approval and distribute them on a pre-scheduled basis. 
  4. Each prospect will be tracked and scored based on their behavior. For example, they get 2 points if they open the campaign and an additional 3 points if they click on a call to action. This allows the sales team to monitor the performance of each campaign and follow-up on the hot leads based on this scoring process.  

Let’s face it. It difficult for a small to mid-size business to recruit and hire experienced marketing professionals. They are hard to find and awfully expensive to have on staff.  Commence has addressed this by providing the tools and expertise needed in an all-in-one complete package. Call Commence Sales at 877-266-6362 to talk with one of our representatives.