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Commence CRM New Release Includes Customer Portal

Commence Corporation, manufacturer of an “All in One” CRM software solution, has announced the release of an expanded customer service portal. The portal is an extension of the company’s Customer Service Ticketing system which manages service tickets and offers customers access to a self-service Knowledgebase and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that is built into the Customer Service application. The software has proven to reduce the number of service calls and customer wait time.

Access the public FAQ with a single click or login to access the customer knowledgebase.
Customer Service Portal by Commence CRM

The portal extends the above by enabling customers to submit inquiries and service tickets directly into the CRM system 24/7. The system then generates an automated response to the customer with a time frame for resolution. “The objective here is to enable small to mid-size businesses to use the portal to provide world class customer service” says Flo Herrington, senior service coordinator at Commence. “The automated response system provides the customer with the comfort of knowing that their inquiry has been received and assigned to a support representative.”

Choose Tickets to enter a new service request online, or to update an existing request.
Add Service Ticket

Your inquiry is automatically received by the Service team.
View My Open Service Tickets

Keep track of your inquiry through the portal, where you can conveniently send and receive comments to update the status of your ticket.
Add Comment to Ticket

For more information contact Commence sales at 877-266-6362.