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5 Benefits of Using Task Management Software

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Project organization becomes increasingly complicated as a business grows, but modern project management software makes collaboration easier than ever. Task management software allows you to manage workflows, monitor deadlines, track resources, and more.

So what are the key benefits of using an efficient task management software? Here are six reasons to start using project management software:

  1. Work compilation under a single platform 
  2. Reliable remote access 
  3. Easy collaboration and sharing 
  4. Prioritize and automate tasks 
  5. Time management

Continue reading below to understand each benefit of task management software.

1) You Can Compile All Your Work in One Place

A task management system can provide your whole team a centralized database for all your projects. Instead of looking at various spreadsheets or working on different platforms, project management systems can store all your documents, tools and activities easily. Whether you’re working on a single large project, multiple low-priority tasks, or even personal to-dos, task management systems can keep all team members on track.

Some key benefits to having all your tasks and information in one place include:

  • Saves you time looking for documents in different places
  • Prevents you from losing or accidentally misplacing important information
  • Ensures no file “slips through” or gets ignored
  • Promotes a sustainable, paperless environment

2) You Would Have Reliable Remote Access to Documents

Maybe your project managers are out of town and you urgently need to look at their deliverables. Or maybe you planned to work during the weekend and really need to have all the data with you so you don’t have problems continuing the work at home.

A centralized project management software allows organization to access and share files remotely. You won’t need to wait for another day for a teammate to come back for their files or drive back to the office for documents. Everyone on your team can provide updates and changes in real time. As long as you have an internet connection, you can check your organization’s database from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

3) Your Team Can Easily Collaborate and Share Workload

No matter how talented you are, it will be impossible to finish many tasks all by yourself. Project management software can assist you in delegating multiple tasks easily. You can keep track of the tasks assigned to each member of your team and see who is idle or overburdened. You can also check on their progress and distribute tasks with just a few clicks.

While you are using project management software, you will have more opportunities to collaborate as well. Brainstorm ideas, discuss tasks, and make real-time updates with team members on the platform itself. Because you can always access your sessions, you can review meeting notes and recall important ideas whenever you want.

4) You Can Efficiently Prioritize and Automate Tasks

Many people struggle with time management because they fail to prioritize their tasks. When people generally start their workday, they normally get stuck on low priority tasks that consume their time. This problem can lead to employees missing deadlines or not getting crucial jobs done right away. Project management software can help your employees overcome these prioritization issues by reminding them when certain tasks are due.

Task management software can also automate basic recurring tasks so you spend less time on them. Instead of managing recurring tasks with a calendar, project management software can automate specific tasks so you don’t waste more time on these as well.

5) You Can Manage Your Time Better

It’s easy to get lost with your schedule when it’s bombarded with deadlines, meetings, or follow-ups. It’s no surprise that some important tasks can be forgotten or missed due to lacking time management. Project management software is one way you can take better control of your day.

You can identify any distractions, set reminders, and gauge employee productivity as you monitor the time spent on each task. For example, if one employee takes more time to complete their work compared to another, you can reassign different tasks to them. As you check on every minute and hour spent on a project, you can better understand which assignments need more time and plan ahead for the next one.

Must-Have Features To Look For In Task Management Software

When you’re looking for project management software, you need to make sure that the benefits outweigh the cost. After all, you have to get your money’s worth with the platform your team will be using. Here are a few features and functions to check out while shopping for your project management tool:

  • Ease of use: Unless your team actually uses the project management system, it will be worthless to you. Some organizations waste money on flashy, complex tools that they can’t use effectively. It’s best to find a project management software with simple features and interfaces that matches the way your team works.
  • Task management: This feature should be able to let you list down all the tasks and assign teammates to each. Different tools let you sort through tasks in different ways, such as by resource, department, or deadline so everyone can get their priorities straight. A lot of apps will also notify your staff when an urgent task is due so they can finish the project immediately.
  • Reporting: Project management software can collect previous data and compile this information into reports on budget, expenses, team member performance and more. This can be especially useful if you’re gearing up for a big project.
  • Time and resource management: A project management software is a great way to monitor how you spend your time and resources so you can allocate everything appropriately. You can have a shared team calendar, integrated budget reporting, time tracking and billing functions which will keep your operations running smoothly.

Choosing a Task Management Software For Your Business

Before you can reap the benefits a task management software has to offer, you first have to make a crucial decision: which software should you purchase? Every organization has their own preferences according to their needs, so you have to check how each tool is a good fit for your company. Here are a few tips to guide you on your decision:

  • Research on the features: Will this tool offer your team the help they need to finish their tasks? Not all task management applications were created equal, which is why you should do your due diligence and see if a product can meet your project requirements.
  • Calculate the real cost: If using the software costs your team five minutes to save them another five minutes on a task, then it might not be worth it. Consider how much time and energy you will be spending on training employees, rolling out the system, and fixing problems that may crop up.
  • Ask for feedback: Maybe you liked a software you experimented with on a free trial, but did other users enjoy it? Although it’s tempting to buy into a product with all the bells and whistles, the ideal technology should let your team complete each project efficiently. Be sure to check with employees to see if their process improved.
  • Prepare an implementation plan: Once you find a product your team likes, outline an implementation plan that includes use documentation and integration with existing software. You have to prepare everyone for the day-to-day tasks that are bound to change.

Address Your Business Challenges With Commence Cloud CRM

If your business is still relying on multiple apps, paper notes, and human memory, you should consider using project management software. Your business may soon reach the point when your capabilities don’t meet the standard, so you miss project deadlines or forget important changes.

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